A generous Carshalton man's plan to give away hundreds of Easter eggs is taking the nation by storm.

Last year, on a whim, Dan Usher decided to buy 100 Easter eggs from Tesco in Sutton and then gave them all away by knocking on people's doors in the Benhilton Estate.

He said the feeling the random act of kindness gave him was so good he wanted to do it again but on a bigger scale, so he and a small group of friends founded Share The Miracle with the aim of handing out 5,000 Easter eggs this year.

Sutton Guardian:

Mr Usher (far right) and his team of volunteers

The team spread the idea as far as they mcould and encouraged other groups to get involved. Already this year 7,500 free Easter eggs have been distributed by groups all over the UK, including one in far-flung Falkirk.

Recipients have included random strangers, homeless charities and elderly groups. Volunteers from Sutton handed out eggs and toys in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Mr Usher, 38, said; "Last year the thought came to me so I went to the local supermarket and got 100 Easter eggs and just handed them out in the nearest estate.

"The response was phenomenal. It was so uplifting and gave people a sense of the restoration of the goodness that's in people that can be lost in the day-to-day business of life.

"That warm feeling prompted a great vision for what we could achieve this year and people have really bought into that vision. 

"Everyone can participate in Share the Miracle - groups of friends, work colleagues, social networks, churches and even schools and government organisations are getting together to buy or source chocolate eggs and are then giving them away.

"It’s great fun but we also believe that the giving of an egg can be a catalyst to grow new relationships and bring us all closer together. This intentional simple act of kindness can potentially transform a community.

"It’s been amazing to see how one act of kindness prompts another. We gave one gentleman an Easter egg and he invited us into his restaurant for some free food!"

To find out more about Share the Miracle, visit www.sharethemiracle.org