A high-flying male model has been "psychologically shattered" after ploughing his sports car into a house at 80mph, according to his mum.

Storm Burger, 21, crashed his Audi A3 Quattro into the house while driving down a residential road, Higher Drive in Banstead, last July - just days before a potential big break in Ibiza.

Last month Burger received a two-year driving ban and £3,300-fine after pleading guilty to dangerous driving and driving without insurance at Guildford Crown Court.

At his family home in Garendon Gardens, Morden, on Wednesday his mother Jenny Burger, 48, said although he escaped with relatively minor injuries, he has been traumatised by the crash.

Her eyes filling with tears, Ms Burger said: "He really took a dive. It didn’t just break him in two places, it shattered him psychologically. I feel I lost him in this car accident.

"I know it will get better but I’ve still got all this ongoing therapy because it’s blown my head so badly and it’s caused such a wedge between us because he is so mentally damaged by everything."

Sutton Guardian:

After the crash, she said he did not board a plane for a job in Ibiza a few days later, which could have been his big break, and since then he has been at home a lot unable to work.

She said: "The shock from the day he had the accident has taken him nine months and he has still got a long way to get over this.

"It really affected him dramatically, especially emotionally and psychologically.

"We have been nine months going through this so it’s been very traumatic for him and it’s done a lot of psychological damage. We have had the court case now, so it’s finished."

She described her son as a popular "city boy" who had worked in the modelling industry and at expensive clubs. He is currently staying with friends up in London.

Sutton Guardian:

She said: "He’s a very smart, charismatic and charming boy, but he’s taken a big knock. 

"He’s very much a lady’s man, impeccable, he’s known to do everything for everybody, he’s known for his solidarity among his mates. He’s the best friend that you could ever find."

Firefighters cut Burger and his friend, a passenger, from the wreckage after the crash at about 7.15am on Friday, July 26.

The car was mangled in the crash that caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to the house and another car.

Ms Burger said her son suffered head trauma as well as injuring his jaw, fingers, collar bone, pelvis, ribs and foot while the passenger broke his nose and injured his ribs.

Sutton Guardian:

The homeowner inspects the damage on the morning of the crash

She said: "I think we have been blessed considering what happened to him and how badly things could have panned out.

"I think the universe has been really good to us. The medical services were fantastic."

Of the verdict, she said: "I was very pleased and very, very grateful he had the judge he did. He could see Storm was a good boy, he was empathetic but he was also very firm - make no mistake."

Ms Burger, from South Africa, had her son in Cape Town and moved to Morden 18 years ago.