An army of buggies marched on St Helier hospital as part of a protest against potential threats on Saturday.

The Keep Our St Helier Hospital (KOSHH) campaign organised for a group of mums and dads to gather outside the Carshalton Hospital with their youngsters in pushchairs and prams to raise awareness of the potential threats the hospital faces - most notably to its maternity and A&E departments.

Sutton Guardian:

The group outside the hospital

Despite unsettled weather, the group marched from the green outside the hospital to the Rosehill roundabout and back along Wrythe Lane to the hospital holding placards made by the families.

KOSHH spokesman Colin Crilly said: "Parents with buggies, and many other concerned people of all ages created a noisy, fun spectacle that was witnessed by local people, many members of staff at the hospital and the numerous passing cars and buses on the busy main road that passes directly outside the hospital.

"The family-themed day was helped by the home made placards and posters that children had made.

"There were also balloons, and many people had vuvuzelas that helped to increase the day's enjoyment. Some young people from the nearby skate part joined in."

The protest was to raise awareness off threats the hospital faces to its services in the face of impending Government reforms.

Sutton Guardian: