Sutton Council is asking people to spare a thought for their neighbours.

Complaints to the environmental health department rise in the summer, as more people enjoy barbecues and outdoor parties.

The team want those who have parties to warn neighbours in advance and consider inviting them.

They also want people to keep windows and doors shut if somebody complains about noise, and to avoid shouting.

The council want those playing music to keep it in the house, rather than blaring it out in the garden.

The team are also asking those who have barbecues to keep them away from neighbours properties, to reduce the chance of fumes drifting into their house.

Councillor Jill Whitehead, Chair for Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, said: "Excessive noise can really ruin people's quality of life, whether it's a dog barking, banging from DIY, loud music or burglar alarms going off. 

"We are not asking for people to cancel their summer barbecues, but do ask that they be considerate."

For more advice or information call 020 8770 5000.