A music artist and fashion model was reunited with her beloved puppy after more than 500 people on social media pledged to help find the missing pooch.

Viktoria Modesta, a Sutton resident who recently featured alongside Pixie Geldoff and Rita Ora in a shoot for Italian Vogue, was walking Kisa, her six-month-old Pomerian, when she "vanished into thin air".

Kisa had been running along with a pack of hounds under the supervision of Wimbledon dog trainer Jon Garstang on Wimbledon Common before she suddenly disappeared on Tuesday, June 10.

Miss Modesta said: "I've been going there for four months and she was off the lead following all of us together and a few other dogs got into a fight and I tried to pull them apart.

"One dog got a little bit injured and she ran off and we went after her for a minute and then I came back and realised my dog was nowhere to be seen."

Panicked, she spent the next nine hours searching for the puppy, eventually going home to rest before spending the next full day searching the park once again.

Miss Modesta said: "It was so traumatic at the time. I had to leave her in the woods and just getting home and having all her toys in the flat was horrible.

"I posted about it on Facebook and I have had 500 people trying to help me and if I didn't find her by Monday I was going to have lots of people come down and put up posters."

The search for Kisa ended in joy the following afternoon when a Wimbledon Village resident found the lost dog in their garden.

Park Vets of Wimbledon saved the day, identifying Kisa's owner by the dog's chip.

Miss Modesta, who is not letting Kisa off the lead at the moment, said: "She seemed fine. It's hard to tell. I think she saw it as a bit of an adventure."