A singer could be set to star on a brand new prime-time talent contest with the help of your votes.

Sutton mum Nikki Aston is in the running to appear on new Channel 4 show the Singer Takes It All, hosted by Chatty Man Alan Carr.

The 32-year-old vocalist is on a shortlist of 40 who need viewers to download a phone app and then vote for them to appear on the show, the first episode of which airs on Friday, August 1.

If she gets on the show, Mrs Aston will have to sing live while standing on a treadmill-style stage. If viewers are enjoying the performance, they will be able to use their phones to vote for the treadmill to move forward, if they don't like it they can vote for it to go backwards and take the singer away.

Mrs Aston, who has been singing since she was in a girl band in her teens, said: "They take the top 12 to appear on the show, so people have to get the app and vote for who they want to go on the show.

"If I get on I would have to sing live, which is quite daunting!

"It would be great to go on and win. In the past I wanted to get signed and release my own stuff but, to be honest, if it just lets me make a living from singing and lets me perform in some bigger venues, then that would be amazing."

Mrs Aston is married to Tony and has a two-year-old son called Ryan. She sings and performs at bars and clubs all over the south east and said she has always had a soft sport for a power ballad and would consider singing one if she makes it to the final of the show.

To show your support for Mrs Ashton, you can download the Singer Takes It All app for either iPhone or Android. Users will be able to watch videos of all 40 hopefuls in no particular order and vote for who they think is a hit or a miss. 

Mrs Aston is on the app singing Demi Lovato's hit Skyscraper.