As thousands of teenagers across Sutton wake up to their GCSE's results this morning, we are releasing a table of last week's A-level results- to show how our secondary schools fared compared to 2013.

Sutton's excellent schools were forced to deal with a slight slip in the borough's extremely high standards after the majority saw a dip in their A-level results on last year.

Home to a number of high performing independent and grammar schools, Sutton is used to seeing itself at the very top of any national education league table and early indicators show that even with a slight drop in standards, the borough still fell within the top ten in England.

One headteacher who was celebrating was Maria Noone at non-selective school St Philomenas, which saw an increase in the number of A* and A grades achieved, as well as maintaaining a 100 per cent pass rate.

Miss Noone, said: "I would like to congratulate all of the students on their well-deserved results. They have been committed to their studies and have worked hard to ensure such good progress.

"The results are testament to the hard work that has taken place over the past two years. The vast majority of students achieved their first place university choice and are looking forward to studying a range of courses in law, medicine, teaching, and engineering to name a few."

Grammar school Nonsuch School for Girls also bucked the trend by recording improved results.

Director of Sixth Form, Miss Johns, said: "I am really thrilled with these results. It is a pleasure to see our young people do so well, achieve their potential and get such a good start on the next stage of their journey.

"I would like to pay tribute to all the sixth form teachers who work so hard to get the very best out of their students. It is particularly pleasing to see such fantastic results when results nationally have dipped."

Fellow selective schools Sutton Grammar recorded similar results to 2013, while Wilsons, though recording a drop in A* and A grades, can still lay claim to the best results in the borough, with close to two thirds of all A-Levels taken resulting in a an A* or A grade.

Academies Wallington High School for Girls and Carshalton High School for Girls both recorded similar results to 2013, while independent school Sutton High School for Girls celebrated improvement upon 2013.

Sutton High School headmistress, Katharine Crouch, said: "These are a wonderful set of A level results. I am delighted that the girls have achieved such outstanding A level grades and I know that this success is down to the hard work and commitment of both pupils and staff.

"The key thing is what these grades mean individually for each pupil, for her prospects of success at university, or in the world of work: and these results certainly provide our younger girls plenty to live up to in the coming years."


Full breakdown split into state/grammar/academy and independent


State-run, not selective- (2013 results in brackets)

St Philomena's

A* - A 42 per cent (39)

A*- C 91 per cent (90)

A* - E 100 per cent (100)

100% pass rate in all BTEC subjects.


John Fisher

A* - A 30.7 per cent (no comparison)

A* - C 78 per cent (82)

A* - E 97.6 per cent (98.7)


Carshalton Boys Sports College

A* - A     31 per cent (22)

A* - C      75 per cent (75)

A* - E      99 per cent (100)



A* - A  23 per cent (23)

A* - C    79 per cent (83)

A* - E    99 per cent (100)



A*/A:    16.2 per cent (24)  

A*-C:     80 per cent (88)

A*-E:     100 per cent (99)


Cheam High School

A* to A 15 per cent (18)

A* ro C 70 per cent (75)

A* to E 99 per cent (99)


Overton Grange

A* - A not published

A* - C 67 per cent (80)

A* - E 98 per cent (99)


Stanley Park High

A* - A not published

A* - C not published

A* - E 100 per cent (no comparison figure available)


Carshalton High School for Girls (academy)

A* - A 14 per cent (unavailable)

A* to C 72 per cent (72)

A* to E 100 per cent (99.6)


Grammar Schools- (2013 results in brackets)


A*- A 64.3 per cent (71.98)

A* - C 97.5 per cent  (99.1)

A* - E 100 per cent (100)


Nonsuch School for Girls

A* - A 60 per cent (51)

A* to C 97 per cent (93.6)

A* to E 100 per cent (100)


Sutton Grammar 

A* - A 53.2 per cent (53)

A* - C 92.7 per cent (93)

A* - E 99.2 per cent (100)


Wallington Grammar School

A* & A  48 per cent (59.5)

A* - C    not provided

A* - E    99% (100)


Wallington High School for Girls

A* - A 51 per cent (55)

A* to C 95 per cent (95)

A* to E 100 per cent (100)


Private schools- (2013 results in brackets)

Sutton High School

A* - A 41.3 per cent (46)

A* to C 96.7 per cent (91)

A* to E 100 per cent (100)