The Drill blend hip-hop and R&B for a unique sound bringing together samples, beatboxing, and instrumentals.

The four-piece have been making music for about a year, and recently turned down an offer to audition for the X-Factor. 

The members were contacted by an ex-manager of the So Solid Crew, but couldn’t be lured by the opportunity to enter the limelight. 

They all graduated from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, where they studied various music and performance related courses.

Singer and guitarist Hayden Brenen hails from Sutton, while beatboxer and vocalist Harry Child is from Worcester Park.

The pair are joined by rappers Scatti-B and Le Vac, from Elephant and Castle and Brighton respectively.

The Drill- Fresh Kicks


All of the members are 18 and gig all over London, as well as venturing out to Southampton.

Brenan says: "We are currently competing in the Gigs Big Busk- the biggest busking competition in the country.

"We’ve been performing in various places like Stratford.

"I think Sutton is a lively enough place for music, but there aren’t any venues, we used to play at this thing called Rock Stock in Carshalton, but that’s about it.

"There's talent here, but it needs a platform.


The Drill- You Don't Know Me


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