Depending on your opinion of all things East High related, 'Disney Sing It!: High School Musical 3' is either a dream come true, or your worst nightmare.

Essentially, this title is a karaoke game, similar in style to that of 'Sing Star'. The main spin here though is that it features just about every song from the High School Musical repertoire, including:

From High School Musical
"Start Of Something New"
"Bop To The Top"
"Getcha Head In The Game"
"Stick To The Status Quo"
"When There Was Me And You"
"Breaking Free"
"We're all In This Together"

From High School Musical 2
"What Time Is It"
"You Are The Music In Me"
"Gotta Go My Own Way"
"All For One"

From High School Musical 3
"Now Or Never"
"I Want It All"
"Can I Have This Dance"
"Just Wanna Be With You"
"Night To Remember"
"The Boys Are Back"
"Walk Away"
"High School Musical"

So, if you fancy stepping into the shoes of either Troy, Chad or Gabriella, you can now pick up a mic and 'getcha head in the game' so to speak.

There are 3 different modes to the game.

The first is Quick Play Mode. This allows you to get straight into the singing. You can select any song, at any difficulty level and if the song is a duet, which part you want to play. Also, if you have 2 microphones, you can choose to sing with a friend, either as a duet or a versus battle.

Single-Player Modes, are a bit more of challenge. With 'Sing It! School', you have to practice the harder elements of certain songs. Featuring lessons from a VO actor/coach, you have to focus on a particular singing skill, such as pitch, accuracy, breathing and harmony. If you select 'Gig Mode', you have to perform a mini show from a set of songs. The 'Challenge Mode' is where you have to sing a song without any visual assistance. If you manage to pull off a great performance, you are awarded with unlockable content.

The Multiplayer Modes feature duet, versus and team play. With team play, up to 8 players can play in 2 teams in different modes – versus, duet or mix n match.

Ultimately, “Disney Sing It: High School Musical” should appeal to fans of the movies and the songs, but I have to say, there is nothing here to convert the non believers. Never the less, I am sure this is on a lot of people's Christmas lists.

- 9 out of 10 if you are a fan of High School Musical
- 2 out of 10 if you are not

The Good
- Vast amounts of High School Musical songs

The Bad
- Vast amounts of High School Musical songs... That is a bad thing if you are not a fan and you live with someone who is!