Go backstage for an evening of drag queens and glamour but be prepared for murder and chaos.

Croydon group Exit Theatre Company have produced the blackest of comedies, taking their audience behind the scenes at a drag club- where back-stabbing is more than just a metaphor.

The play is written and directed by David Trotter, 32, from Croydon who drew his inspiration from Sparkles, a drag bar he visited in Gran Canaria.

He told the bar he was writing the play and it donated 30 dresses which are used in the performance.

He said: "It is set behind a show bar and it’s a murder mystery comedy; you could describe it as a dark comedy really.

"One of the drag queens starts a killing spree backstage.

"As the play goes on you learn somebody else is pulling the strings behind it; another performer.

"It all gets revealed in the end.

"It’s risqué but borderline risqué- it’s not flat-out shock.

"I wrote the story with lots of twists and turns and there are a lot of red herrings.

"The setting and style lends itself to the fast pace; the audience is watching backstage - in real time.

"We tried to be quite inventive and become creative with some of the scenes.

"When it’s the interval- it’s the actual interval of the performers.

"None of [the actors] have ever done drag before.

"Some of them took to it really naturally and some required more work.

"They’ve had to practice wearing the high shoes.

"Once they’ve got the costume on; they transform into another person."

Mr Trotter said there was an element of slapstick and some musical numbers.

There are nine male and female members of the cast however few are left by the end of the performance.

Expect dark humour and calculated slaughter with a sprinkling of glitter.

Glitterballs, Charles Cryer Studio Theatre, 39 High Street, Carshalton,, March 1-3, 8pm, £12, £8 concs, call 0208 770 6990, visit suttontheatres.co.uk.