A former bus driver has turned buff driver after halving his weight in just over three years.

Dave Brockway, 40, slimmed down from 21 stone to 10 stone following a strict but prolonged diet and exercise regime.

The final straw for the personal trainer was when he visited a suit factory.

The former tubby decker, said: "I went to a huge suit warehouse, there must have been thousands there, but I could only find two that fit me. One was beige which made me look like a 70s cop, or a cream Barry Manilow reject suit. I'd had enough."

After searching on-line for weight loss regimes, the ex stand up comedian decided to set himself manageable goals, which he says is the key.

"I didn't want to be unrealistic. I wasn't going to aim to lose a stone in a week, I gradually changed my eating habits and did more exercise. There has to be a balance."

One positive side effect for Mr Brockway is in the kitchen. He said: "I have learned to cook, and I really enjoy it. I can cook healthy meals for friends and it's great fun."

However, one thing that hasn't changed for the 40-year-old is with the ladies. "Things haven't really improved there actually."

But people have been stunned at his transformation from a 54 inch to a 30 inch waist.

He said: "People who have known me for years don't recognize me. If I attend any event like a wedding I have to re-introduce myself to people, sometimes family. I never get tired of the looks of amazement when people realize who I am."

Mr Brockway still attends the gym three times a week to keep in shape. He said: "Now I have lost it all, I'm still a bit scared it will come back, so I keep going to the gym to fight it off."