There are fears broken bottles are being deliberately placed in a park after a greyhound was injured there last month.

Clara Broad, 44, from Henley Avenue, North Cheam was walking her 9-year-old greyhound, Ruthy, in Fairlands Park near her home on October 30.

Her three children were playing and Ruthy was running around at about 30mph when Ms Broad heard a loud yelp.

The dog had fallen onto her face and badly injured herself on a broken bottle.

She said: "Ruthy had blood pouring out of her leg nose and eye.

"My kids were hysterical. It was scary.

"She has a broken cheek bone and is still suffering to this day.

"If my dog hadn’t had the accident then in the future it would have been a child. There is a problem going on here.

"So many people are complaining about the rubbish there."

She suspects bottles have been pushed into the park's ground on purpose and is now planning on holding a fun day in the future to get CCTV installed in the park.

She said a big thank you to the police, council and MP Paul Burstow for their support after the accident.

A police spokesman said they had been in contact with Ms Broad and were concerned about how Ruthy became injured.

He said: "The dog owner has said she is supportive of the actions we are taking.

"We carry out patrols in Fairlands Park every day, report any potentially dangerous litter like broken glass to Sutton Council immediately, and talk to youngsters who gather in the park about the serious harm that litter can cause to young children and animals.

"We will issue £50 fines or reprimand anyone we see dropping litter. In addition, we want park users’ help in reporting and identifying anyone involved in anti-social behaviour."

Councillor Jill Whitehead, chair of the environment and neighbourhoods committee, said: "The team has not noted any specific issues with bottles being set into the ground, however if any visitor sees broken glass of any type we would appreciate a call so that we can send the team to clear it up."

Ms Broad said she owes Ruthy her life after she woke the family up four years ago during a house fire and it was sad to see the change in her caused by her injuries.

She said: "She’s gone from a dog that is friendly and so full of life, to a sad and scared dog.  

"She’s beautiful to watch when she runs. She’s well known round there as she’s such a friendly dog."

If you have any information, contact the Safer Parks Team on 020 8721 2268 or Sutton Police Station on 101.