A burglar was caught red-handed with a bag full of stolen jewellery after being spotted acting suspiciously.

James Cotman, 45, of Park Hill, Carshalton, pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced to four years imprisonment at Croydon Crown Court on October 29.

Cotman was seen acting suspiciously in Felstead Road, Orpington, during the evening of August 30 by a member of public who immediately contacted the police.

Officers stopped Cotman, finding him in possession of screwdrivers, a torch and a quantity of jewellery in boxes.

He was arrested for going equipped to steal.

Later that day the occupiers of a house in Felstead Road returned home to find that it had been burgled.

Officers showed them the property that was recovered from Cotman, and they confirmed that it was theirs.

Cotman even had a framed photograph of them on their wedding day hidden in his bag and police then charged him with the burglary.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Furphy from Bromley Police said: "Cotman was apprehended and brought to justice due to the vigilance of a local resident and I would like to appeal for the continued support from the community to be vigilant and always report any suspicious behaviour to us".