A gang of burglars armed with golf clubs, a saw and glass bottles who threatened a pregnant woman and terrified young children when they smashed their way into their Sutton home could all be heading to jail.

Chris Elvin, 26, Kyle Pepperell, 21, Ben Gillett, 20 and a 16-year-old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons pulled up outside a house in Oakhill Road at around 8pm on Wednesday, April 11.

A pregnant woman, 37, confronted the hooded gang but they held a saw blade to her face and started to smash the glass around the front door.

Once inside they yelled "where's my money" and "what can we take" as they moved around the house - they also threatened a good Samaritan who tried to help and even burst into the room where boys aged two and four had been taken for safety and shouted at them.

The gang left empty handed but not without threatening to return with guns and throwing bottles at a car parked outside.

One of the people at the house managed to take a picture of the gang's car as it fled which showed its registration number. This led to the arrest of the men and they all appeared at Croydon Crown Court on Wednesday, November 14.

Elvin, of Feltham Road in Ashford, was jailed for 10 years after being found guilty of aggravated burglary and violent disorder. Pepperell, of York Way in Chessington, was found guilty of aggravated burglary and admitted violent disorder. he was jailed for eight years.

Gillett, of Moor Lane, Chessington, was found guilty of violent disorder and the teenager admitted violent disorder and they will be sentenced at the same court on Wednesday, December 12.