A man has described how his wife was bound and gagged in her home by three robbers dressed in police uniform after holding him in his car at knifepoint.

The man, who does not want to be named as his attackers are still at large, has described the horrific ordeal which took place on November 15 after he was lured into a trap by the robbers claiming they were going to return this stolen mobile phone.

He had lost his phone but was contacted on his home phone by a man saying he had found it, and he could drive to Tudor Close in Cheam to collect it.

When he arrived he said he was greeted by a man holding his phone who got into his car and asked him how he lost it.

The 22 stone, 45-year-old, said: "Just as he started asking me what happened my car door opened and four men dragged me out into the street.

One of the men took the wheel and demanded at knife point I tell them where I lived. I was held in the back seat by two of the men, with a knife poking into my back, and we drove to my house. It was terrifying."

He said after arriving at his address in Overton Road, the men, who were wearing police hats and florescent jackets, took his car keys and entered his house, grabbed his wife, bound her hands and gagged her.

The plumber said: "They went around the house looking for anything of value, they took a laptop, a PS3, jewellery and cash."

After ransacking the flat the four men got back into the car, drove into central Sutton, and kicked the man out into the street, where he rang the police.

He said: "I grew up in Peckham, and lived in Hackney for a while, but I have never been scared like that. I don't want this to happen to anyone else, please, if you lose your phone and someone says come and collect it, tell them to hand it into the police."

"My wife was absolutely terrified. When I got back into the house she was lay face down on the carpet. She was white a sheet, she looked petrified. She has still not got over it now."

Tony Shields, Conservative law and order spokesman, said: "I am very concerned at the massive rise in burglaries in the borough and this is a sharp reminder that police must be on the streets as much as possible day and night."

A spokesman for Sutton Police said: "Police are investigating a report of a robbery at an address in Overton Road on November 15."