A campaign designed to help people keep their homes warm in energy-efficient ways has been given parliamentary backing.

Tom Brake MP has given his support to the Government-backed Hole in the Roof campaign which uses a website to offer advice ion how people can keep their homes warm in practical and affordable ways like lining radiators with silver foil, making sure you draw curtains and only heating the rooms you use.

Mr Brake said: "I cannot stress enough the importance of a properly heated home. The cold season is here and our residents need to stay as warm as possible. The ‘Hole in the Roof’ campaign offers simple solutions that can make your home warmer and for less money.

"Doing things such as fitting draft excluders, getting proper insulation, and boosting performance of your radiator can make all the difference when paying the energy bill."

To see what improvements you could make to your house, visit www.holeintheroof.org.uk.