A grieving mum is appealing to anyone who might have found her lost necklace as it is the last piece of jewellery her son gave her before he died.

St Helier couple Gillian and Barry Wilmot's son Nathan died aged just 27 after suffering an asthma attack at his home in Ireland in October - just a few days before he was due to get married.

Mr and Mrs Wilmot held a memorial service for Nathan's friends in Sutton on Saturday, December 1, but as Mrs Wilmot got changed she noticed she had lost a heart-shaped pendant he had given to her two years ago.

The necklace, which was not particularly expensive but is priceless to Mrs Wilmot, features a gold heart-shaped outline with clusters of coloured stones made to look like flowers on it. Mrs Wilmot thinks she lost it somewhere in Sutton town centre on the day of the service and is wondering if someone may have picked it up.

Mrs Wilmot, 51, said: "I went into Sutton on that day to get some last minute things for the memorial - paper plates and things like that.
"I was in a rush and my mind was elsewhere but when I got home I washed my hail, put my dress on and then, when I went to pull my necklace out so it was showing, I realised it wasn't there.

"It's not expensive but it got so much sentimental value. Nathan used to send cards and presents and things like that but that was the last piece of jewellery he gave me. I am devastated to have lost it."

Nathan lived in Ireland for the last five years but died out of the blue following a severe asthma attack on October 27 - just six days before he was due to marry his fiancée Michele O'Donnell. His funeral ended up taking place the day before he should have been getting married.

If you saw the necklace or picked it up you can contact reporter Mike Pyle on 0208 722 6359 or email mike.pyle@london.newsquest.co.uk.