A traveller has been jailed for life for murdering a father-of-three who it is believed had made a drunken pass at him.

Frank Smith, 30, of Corbet Close, Hackbridge, was found guilty at Kingston Crown Court today of murdering Damon Weedon.

He will serve a minimum of 16 years.

The court had heard Smith had calmly stabbed Mr Weedon to death probably after rejecting his sexual advances at Mr Weedon’s home in Typhoon Way, on the Roundshaw Estate, Wallington.

On May 31 this year Mr Weedon, Smith and their mutual friend Thomas Brookman-Miller had been drinking heavily after decorating Smith’s partner’s house in nearby Meteor Way.

After picking up more beers they went back to Mr Weedon's house and played the computer game Guitar Hero.

It is thought the father-of-three then made a drunken advance towards Smith.

Smith, who had been sat on the sofa with Mr Weedon, suddenly got up and asked where the toilet was.

Unemployed Smith was seen to walk out of the lounge and return with a kitchen knife and approach Mr Weedon.

He lunged at him with the knife several times, leaving three gashes on his face and head.

It is then believed that he armed himself with another knife and chased Mr Weedon from the flat stabbing him twice more in the back.

Mr Weedon tried to escape along Redford Avenue before collapsing against a fence and impaling his right arm on a set of railings.

Smith was stopped by police in Defiant Way and arrested in connection with the incident.

He was found guilty today by the jury following a trial. He had claimed in the trial he had stabbed at Mr Weedon in a fight after Mr Weedon set his dog on him, but had not made contact.

Detective Inspector Rick Murphy, who led the investigation from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said: "This was a pointless death simply fuelled by the consumption of too much alcohol.

"It appears that Mr Weedon and Smith had enjoyed a pleasant day together until the sudden violent attack on Mr Weedon.

"Three children are now left without a father and Smith's own children will also lose out being with their own father who will now be serving a lengthy sentence."