A meeting explaining how the borough will be policed over the next four years in the face of Government cuts will happen in February.

Stephen Greenhalge, the Deputy Mayor for policing and crime, and Simon Byrne, the assistant commissioner for territorial policing will come to Sutton in February to explain how the draft police and crime plan, produced by London Mayor Boris Johnson's office, will work.

They will also be taking feedback from people which could shape the final plan.
Mr Greenhalge said: "Policing in the capital is changing and we want to hear the views of Londoners. In these challenging economic times, tough decisions will have to be made but ultimately we want to boost public confidence in the police, cut crime, and drive down waste.

"To do this we need to get more officers out on the streets and be smarter about the how we use police buildings including police stations and custody suites.

"These changes will, I believe, give London the dynamic, flexible police force it needs and improve the way Londoners interact with the first public service.

Over eight weeks we'll be travelling to every borough in London listening to what people have to say so their views can help shape our final plans."
The meeting will happen on Tuesday, February 12, from 6pm at the Secombe Theatre in Cheam Road.