An elderly man undergoing a serious operation in hospital has accused Sutton Council of being draconian in its approach to blue badges.

Eltin Cowhig, 73, went into hospital to have his knee replaced this week, but fears he will struggle to get around for six months after the operation.

He said: "I can only rely on my wife so much. It wouldn't hurt for them to give me one for six months, but the draconian message on the website is, don't bother applying for a temporary badge."

"I have had friends and relatives who have had the operation and it is not very much fun. The council should have some room for negotiation."

Adi Cooper, strategic director adult social services housing and health said: "The criteria that people must meet, to be provided with a Blue Badge, is set by national Government.

"Unfortunately, whilst we appreciate the difficulties Mr Cowhig may experience in his rehabilitation following surgery, his needs do not meet the national criteria in relation to permanent disability."