A reluctant hero who climbed onto a crashed car to save three children has been found.

Phillip Eccles, from Epsom, climbed onto Monika Barua's car to rescue her and her three children after she crashed into a tree in Belmont last year.

A friend of design consultant Mr Eccles, got in touch with the Sutton Guardian after seeing the story in last week's Sutton Guardian, in which Dr Barua asked for those who helped save her family to come forward.

Andrew Carver, said: "He's very modest but a top bloke, and just a great family man."

Mr Eccles was walking back to his car after watching his son play football when he heard the car hit the tree.

He said: "I think anyone would do the same, especially when you see children in the car. I'm just a normal bloke. I wasn't the only person helping, there must have been half a dozen people there, and the fire and the police were great. I'm just delighted she is ok, her hand was covered in blood, it looked quite nasty."

"What goes around comes around, I would hope that if that happened to me people would help me out as well."