More than a week after snow hit London some Southern train carriages are still out of action, to the frustration of commuters.

The company managed to get six out of the eight trains damaged by powdery snow which got into their electrics back on the rails by Friday.

But two three-carriage trains are still in workshops being repaired.

This morning hundreds of people had to stand on the 8.27am train from Sutton to Dorking via Epsom which had just four carriages.

One passenger said: "It was horrendous. People were angry and swearing as they tried to cram in, with at least 70 people having to stand in my carriage.

"Staff on the platform just urged everyone to get on this one, saying the next one was not for another half an hour."

A spokesman at Southern insisted that only a small number of carriages had been damaged, despite messages displayed at stations across the area last week which said some services had fewer carriages than normal because "a large number of our carriages suffering water or frost damage during the recent poor weather."

He said that just 2.5 per cent of its trains had been affected - just 26 carriages out of a fleet of 1,153.

The spokesman said the trains had been tested before going back into service, adding: "We can never guarantee it won’t happen again although they have been fixed and tested."

He said they were investigating why information screens had misinformed customers last week.