A family home of 25 years was devastated when a suspected electrical fault caused its roof to catch fire this afternoon.

Margaret Bolt was about to go to bed when she realised the roof of her home in Romany Gardens, North Cheam, was alight shortly after 3pm.
More than 20 firefighters were called to the blaze which took over an hour to bring under control.

Grandmother-of-six Mrs Bolt, who lives in the semi-detached house with her husband Arthur, was feeling unwell and was about to go to bed when the electricity went off. She said: "I looked outside to see if anyone else's lights were out and saw kids looking up and pointing. I came out and saw smoke."

Neighbours saw the smoke and dialled 999. More than 20 firefighters from Sutton, New Malden and Mitcham fire stations were called to the fire.
Station manager Nick Myatt said; "It was important that neighbours reported the smoke as soon as they did so we were able to get fire engines down really quickly. Only the roof was damaged.

"It was quite a sight when it first started - the flames were very high. The roof was 80 per cent alight."

Mr Bolt added: "I'm just pleased it wasn't in the night when the grandchildren are here."

No-one was hurt in the blaze.