Cupid swapped his bow and arrow for knitting needles this weekend as knit graffiti artists struck in Wallington.

Ahead of Valentines Day a group of knitters have produced more than 100 hearts made of wool and placed them outside the British Heart Foundation on Woodcote Road.

The team, led by Wanda the Witch, are hoping that people will take the hearts and then sell them to make money for the charity.

Last year, the Woolly Coven of Carshalton celebrated the Queen's Jubilee by knitting 60 ducks for Carshalton Bridge, followed by a giant swan for the Olympic torch relay and then finally pumpkins for Halloween at the Honeywood Museum.

Now to mark Valentine's day, the group, whose identities remain a secret, has struck again.

With the hearts was a poem, which read: "The Woolly Coven of Carshalton, have worked together to say, to all people of Wallington, here’s to Valentine’s Day.

At the British Heart Foundation, there was a covert operation, two hundred woolly hearts to share, you can buy them to show you care.

With love from Wanda and the Woolly Coven of Carshalton."

But with the poem came the added caveat: "Please be careful as there are dressmaking pins used to attach the hearts and we wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.

The hearts have been made so that you can sell them and raise funds for BHF."

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