A man caught in the middle of the London riots was joined by an MP this week as he prepares to run the London marathon.

Sports-mad Tom Brake swapped the corridors of Parliament to pound Carshalton's pavements with Peter Romanov, who is running the 2013 London Virgin Marathon later this month.

Mr Romanov will be running to raise money for Crimestoppers following his ordeal during the 2011 riots.

As he drove home to Carshalton through Lewisham, he ended up being stopped by the rioters at a made up road block and was forced to abandon his car and possessions.

Mr Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, said: "Peter is giving up his time, effort, and an odd blister, to raise money for a charity that provides a great service to the local community.

"I would encourage everyone to donate what they can, and help Peter raise awareness of the work Crimestoppers do."

Mr Romanov said: "I was luckier than many others who got caught up in the riots in so much that I came to no physical harm - cars, mobile phones, laptops - all material stuff that can be replaced"

He can be supported through the website justgiving.com/Peter-Romanov-VLM2013.