A teenager - who cannot stop hiccupping - has been trying out reader’s home remedies - with suggestions coming from as far afield as America.

Emily Marsh, 13, from Wallington, has been hiccuping every two seconds since January, with health experts baffled as to what is causing the problem.

The Sutton Guardian has been inundated with reader’s cures following our story last week, which has featured in news around the world from Brazil to Indonesia.

The remedies suggested include Chinese medicine, sipping gripe water, trying to get the heads of two pins to meet and acupuncture.

On Monday she had an appointment with at St Helier Hospital, who are trying eveything they can to find a cure, and has been able to discuss many of the suggestions with her consultant.

Her mum Cathy Barrett, 45, thanked readers for all their suggestions.

She said: "It’s lovely – everybody has been absolutely amazing. We are so grateful to everybody for all their ideas and keep them coming.

“We have spent hours reading every comment.

Most of the remedies are variations of things she already tried but we are trying these variations as well – just because one hasn’t worked doesn’t mean anything else won’t.

"For one of them she stretched her hands as far as she could above her head and sipped water every ten seconds for a little while. But unfortunately it didn’t work."

Despite a string of tests doctors still have no idea how to treat the Stanley Park High School pupil, whose hiccups started as she walked to a maths lesson over two months ago.

Emily started acupuncture this week as the search continues for a cure.

Click here to see a video of poor Emily's hiccups and our readers' suggestions for curing hiccups.