A committee set up by Sutton's doctors to work with the controversial Better Services Better Value review is to be dissolved as the review has "come to an end".

Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which represents the borough's GP practices, set up a committee made up of all its members to work with the unpopular Better Services Better Value (BSBV) review, aimed at streamlining south west London's health services last year.

But, following the news that Epsom Downs CCG, one of seven CCGs originally involved in the BSBV consultation, had pulled out of the process, Sutton CCG is to dissolve the committee on the grounds that BSBV has "come to an end".

BSBV's purpose was to consult on a variety of measures to cut costs in local healthcare. Among its proposals was a plan to axe services at both Epsom and St Helier Hospitals. Surrey Downs CCG opted to withdraw from BSBV in November prompting BSBV to go back to the drawing board with its proposals.

Now Sutton CCG is planning to dissolve its BSBV committee on the grounds that it is no longer consulting on anything. The dissolution of the committee will be discussed at a meeting of Sutton CCG's board on Wednesday.

Papers submitted to the board by clinical officer Dr Chris Elliott say: "Following the recent announcement by Surrey Downs CCG of its withdrawal from the BSBV programme, that programme, in its current form at least, has now come to an end.

"It is proposed therefore that the Governing Body of Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group should dissolve the committee.

"It is noted that there are plans for a refreshed programme to reform hospital and out of hospital services provided in south west London. Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group welcomes that and will consider the appropriate governance arrangements for it to enter into in relation to that programme at the appropriate time."

A spokesman for BSBV said: "The six south west London CCGs are currently exploring new approaches to addressing the challenges faced by the local NHS, which have been highlighted through the BSBV programme and NHS England’s ‘Call to Action’.

"All CCGs are required to respond to NHS England’s ‘Call to Action’ by developing five-year strategic plans that respond to the clinical and financial challenges faced by the NHS. We are working together to prepare a collective response, and this includes working with our members and local hospital trusts to discuss the best way forward."