Recent storms have left a cricket club counting the cost of wind damage and a once dormant stream is now bursting its banks.

High winds have broken four of Sutton Cricket Club's sight screens leaving the club hoping its insurance company will be able to repair the damage before the season starts in the spring.

Sutton Guardian: The damage to Sutton Cricket Club's sight screens

The damage to Sutton Cricket Club's sight screens

Club members returned to its Gander Green Lane base after the Christmas break to find the sight screens, which are large, white boards positioned behind the bowler to help the batsman see the ball, lying broken on the turf following strong winds.

Committee member Mike Woods said: "They're all over the place - it looks as if they have been broken in half. we've got four sight screens and it looks like they're all broken. I'm sure the insurer will be involved."

Elsewhere in Sutton, the dormant stream in Carshalton Park off Ruskin Road has once again filled with water and burst its banks in the heavy rain. One neighbour described it as a "a very rare occurrence".