A cannabis factory has been uncovered in a dawn raid on a flat on the Collingwood estate in Sutton.

Officers also found two large packets of white powder, believed to be drugs, when they raided the flat in Killick House, Crown Road, yesterday.

Police were alerted to the factory by neighbours who became suspicious about the flat. They raided it shortly after 7.30am and uncovered a cannabis factory made up of 60 plants under a sophisticated heating and lighting system.

Energy company representatives had to be on hand to make the electricity supply, which had been altered to provide the large amounts of energy needed by the factory, safe before officers could begin their investigation.

While searching the flat, police found two large packets of white powder - one in the kitchen, the other in a jacket pocket.

These, along with the cannabis plants and equipment have been seized and are due to be analysed and then destroyed.

PC Dan Sadler said: "This was a good result. It’s really important for residents to contact police if they believe any properties in their area are being used for drugs related purposes - so we can take action and put a stop to it."

Sutton Guardian:

Susan Holbrook, head of community cohesion for Sutton Housing Partnership, which manages homes on behalf of Sutton Council, said:  "We will not tolerate criminal activity taking place in any of our properties and will take swift action, in partnership with the police, to tackle it."

Police say people should contact them if they have suspicions a property near them could be used for drug cultivation.

Tell-tale signs include comings and goings at strange times of the day and night, deliveries of plants and fertiliser, curtains being permanently closed and sweet smells emanating from the property.

If you have suspicions, you can call police on 101 or the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.