A jury has retired to consider its verdict in the trial of two men accused of hacking to death a father-to-be in his bedroom in Woodside.

Stephen Dougherty, 35 and Paul West, 29, are alleged to have broken into Danny Gough's flat in Stockbury Road in December 2010 and brutally murdered him in front of his girlfriend.

Mr Dougherty, of Essex, and Mr West, of Slough, have been on trial at the Old Bailey since November.

A third man, Sam Monteith, 32, of Brighton Road, Sutton, is accused of collaborating in the murder but is not currently fit to stand trial.

In the seven weeks since the trial began, the jury heard the three men plotted 24-year-old Mr Gough's killing in a feud of escalating violence.

Mr Gough is thought to have raid Mr Monteith's home and stabbed him in November 2010, following a fight between Mr Gough's friend and Mr Monteith.

Sutton Guardian: Stephen Dougherty denies murder

Stephen Dougherty denies murdering Danny Gough

The trio of alleged killers are said to have meticulously planned Mr Gough's death in retaliation, tracking his movements before raiding his flat, where they are alleged to have thrown caustic ammonia in his face before slaying him with an axe or a machete.

All three deny murder, which they claim was carried out by others.