A 73-year-old man collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest in North Cheam this morning.

The man was walking with his son along Kimpton Park Way, near the Big Yellow Self Storage company, just before 10am.

Bystanders jumped in to help resuscitate the man by performing CPR under the instruction of the 999 call operator.

The London Ambulance Service arrived and made extensive efforts to resuscitate him at the scene and on the way to St Helier Hospital.

The police were called just after 10am and PC Alex Law took turns with the medics carrying out CPR while his colleague PC Richard Atkins comforted the man’s son.

PC Law continued to take turns carrying out chest compressions with the medics in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

The man is currently being treated in intensive care in hospital.

PC Law said: “Medics told us the man was in cardiac arrest and we were keen to provide what support and help we could.

"Administering CPR is part of our emergency life saving training. It’s certainly not something we get to do every day.”