A group of friends were accused of being drug users and thrown out of a Cheam pub simply because they had colds.

But the management of the Harrow Inn stand by their actions and say the area has a problem with recreational drugs so they take a strong stance against many suspected incidents.

Nursery worker Jessica Parsons was having a drink with two friends at the High Street pub on Saturday night.

She and one of her friends were suffering with colds and went to the toilet.

Miss Parsons, 23, said: "It was about half nine and we went to the toilet. Because we both had colds we both blew our noses while we were in there. We weren't in the same cubicle or anything like that.

"As we left, one of the female bouncers pulled us back and said 'come with us'.

"They said there was a drug problem and that they heard us sniffing drugs in there.

"I told them I blew my nose because I have a cold and laughed because I thought it was a joke - I don't even smoke, let alone do cocaine!

"We both have respectable jobs and we just wanted to go out for a quiet drink. I work in a school, there is no way I would risk that.

"I asked them to call the police but they wouldn't and they just told us to leave so we had to go and leave a bottle of wine we'd just bought on the table."

Miss Parsons said she has been going to the Harrow regularly since she was 18 but has no plans to go back after what happened.

But the pub has defended its actions.

A manager at the pub who declined to give his full name asking only to be identified as Sam, said: "We have a high rate of drugs issues in the area and our place is one of the red alert places.

"We have three door staff who will deal with situations when there is the slightest suspicion. If, in this case, we have made a mistake then it would be the first time. 

"We are a lively pub so in terms of security we can't be too careful."

The women did not let the incident ruin the evening, they headed to All Bar One in Sutton to continue their night.