New plans to improve the environment in Sutton have been announced by the council

The One Planet Sutton plan, launched in 2009 in a bid to reduce Sutton's harmful effects on the environment, was renewed at an event hosted by Sutton Council on Wednesday

The plan was developed with Sutton based international sustainability charity BioRegional.
The new targets, agreed with consultation from local stakeholders, will aim to make Sutton a zero-carbon borough by 2025, reduce unemployment for young people by introducing green economy businesses and expand use of environmentally friendly transport such as cycling and public transport.

BioRegional Chief Executive, Sue Riddlestone, said: "I'm proud that we have worked with Sutton Council for 20 years. This new plan takes us up a level. It's a bold plan that is easy, attractive and affordable for residents to live within their fair share of the earth's capacity.

"I congratulate Sutton Council for committing to this and especially for sticking to its principles during this period of austerity."

Councillor Jill Whitehead, Chairwoman of the council’s environment and neighbourhood committee, said: "By working together we will achieve our ambitious vision and make Sutton an even better place to live and work".

Since the plan was launched carbon emissions have been cut by 19%; 500,000 bulbs and 1,000 trees have been planted and over 800 start-up businesses have opened in the borough.