The family of a missing Romanian tourist who was left stranded on a tube platform say they are sure he is alive and well.

Vasile Belea had been visiting his son Ciprian  in Hackbridge and he and Ciprian were travelling into central London for a day out when they got separated by closing tube doors at Stockwell station on Tuesday.

Sutton Guardian:

Mr Belea has limited experience of the Underground

Mr Belea senior, 63, was left stranded on the platform. His son gestured at him to stay nowhere he was then got off at the next stop and went back but he was nowhere to be seen.

Since then Mr Belea senior, who is from the remote Romanian village of Rozavlea, has not been in touch with anyone and his movements are unknown.

His daughter-in-law Olimpia Belea, who lives in Hackbridge with her husband, said: "It feels unreal, it is a living nightmare.

"It was a normal day, my husband's birthday. We had beautiful things set up for the day and now it is a nightmare. You don't think things like this can happen.

"In our hearts we are certain that he is alive and well and we will find him - we just don't know where. He hasn't been in touch with anyone but there must be an explanation.

We are going through all kinds of emotion at the moment - there's been hope, anxiety, despair, anger - it's terrible."

Mrs Belea described her father-in-law as "resourceful and acutely intelligent" but said he does not speak any English and has never travelled on the Underground alone before. He has an iPhone with him but it does not have a SIM card in it. He has money and an Oyster card but no medication for his arthritis.

Sutton Guardian:

Mr Belea during his visit

It is only his second trip to London. He had been staying in Hackbridge to celebrate his and his son's birthday and Christmas.

The father and son got on the Northern Line in Tooting and were changing at Stockwell to get on the Victoria Line so they could head into central London at 10am on Tuesday. Posters have been put up in Tooting, Stockwell and Victoria. 

Mr Belea senior was wearing blue jeans, a long dark black jacket and a black flat cap. He is 6ft tall, slim and has grey hair.  

If you see Mr Belea, you can contact police on 101 or the charity Missing People on 116 000.