The friend of a mum struggling with terminal cancer is planning a 160 mile ultra-distance race for charity.

Ryan Shaw, of Roseberry Road, Sutton, is training to take on Egypt’s Ocean Floor Race, in March, to raise money for St Michael’s Hospice, in Basingstoke, and Cancer Research; both of which provided care for family friend Julie Sutton, 42.

The Ocean Floor Race is a non-stop 160 mile footrace through the Egypt’s Western White Desert. Participants have to carry all provisions for race including sleeping bag and water.

The 41-year-old aims to complete the race in fewer than 96 hours. He will have to endure temperatures of up to 30c.

Mr Shaw, whose children go to Sutton schools, started training in November and his schedule requires five sessions a week, with two runs of up to 19km.

In total Mr Shaw plans to run 1,300 miles in preparation for the race.

The father-of-two said: "The surface will be mostly rock and sand. I have it on good authority that the hardest bit will be a 10 mile stretch of dunes".

"The heat is the big unknown to me. That is going to be the real challenge".

Family friend, Julie Sutton, wife and mother, was first diagnosed with breast cancer aged 35, in 2009.

Although this was operable, a secondary cancer was found in her hip shortly after. Despite regular treatment the cancer has spread to her brain and spine.

Mrs Sutton is now terminal and has been discharged to be with her Husband, Gordon, and their 13 year old son, Christopher.

Mr Shaw said: "The hospice has been great because it gives the family some respite and a place they can gather together.

"Without it, people like Julie and her family, would not benefit from the support and respite they can provide during the most traumatic period of their lives".

The Hospice has to raise 82 per cent (£3m) of their annual costs, through fundraising and donations.

Mr Shaw previously raised £2,500, in 2013, by completing the Thames Path Challenge. He is hoping to beat that total this year.

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