The mum of a 12-year-old girl badly injured when she was hit by a car has launched a drive to improve road safety in Cheam.

Nicky Hannigan's daughter Jade was left with a broken sternum and is still off school after she was knocked down by a car at the zebra crossing near her house in Malden Road on December 17.

Now Mrs Hannigan and her neighbours are calling on Sutton Council to improve safety measures in the road by cutting the speed limit, putting up signs telling drivers there are schools in the area and replacing the zebra crossing with a pelican crossing. More than 1,000 people have already signed several petitions calling for changes to be made.

Mrs Hannigan said: "Jade is a lot better now but she's still going to be off school for another two weeks. She broke her sternum and it's damaged the muscles in her chest so now every movement is painful for her.

"It happened at the zebra crossing which is right outside our house. Someone had stopped to let her cross and she doesn't remember what happened next but her friend who was with her said the driver coming the other way just didn't see her.

"When she was in hospital she just kept saying 'mummy, I was on the crossing, I did it right' because I've always told her to make sure she uses the crossing.

"That's why I want to see changes - we need a proper crossing with lights and more signs to say there are schools in the area.

"It's not just for Jade, that's happened now, it's to make sure the road is safe for everyone around here."

Petitions have been launched online, at nearby Cheam Fields School and are being delivered door to door. Among those backing the campaign is Malden Road mum Loredana Beasant. She said: "We want to get a pelican crossing put in and to get the speed limit reduced - it's a long stretch of road and in 10 years living here we've seen how fast people drive."

The campaign also has backing from Cheam Councillor Mary Burstow who said: "The problem is especially bad in the evening, when the road is quiet, some drivers think it is OK to just put your foot down and do 50mph.

"I want drivers to get the message, if you speed on the Malden Road, you will get caught!  I would also like to see the zebra crossing to be upgraded to a pelican crossing. Drivers pay more attention to traffic lights."