A plasterer caught with £100 of cannabis stuffed into his pants has been spared jail.

Police stopped Tadworth man Dean Welch as he drove along Ross Parade in Wallington in October.

When he wound down the window the officers noticed a strong smell of cannabis pouring from the car.

Welch, 26, admitted he had £100 of cannabis hidden in his boxer shorts.

He was taken to Sutton police station where a search revealed cannabis split between three plastic bags.

A subsequent search of Welch's bedroom at his home in Preston Lane uncovered a Tesco carrier bag full of cannabis under pillows on his bed, a further bag of the herbal drug, a set of electronic scales and an envelope containing £450 in cash.

Welch admitted to officers that he buys drugs in bulk to sell to his friends. He said the money was from his work as a self-employed plasterer.

Welch was sentenced to eight months in jail suspended for 24 months after admitting possession with intent to supply at Croydon Crown Court on January 10.

He was also ordered to undergo drug dependency treatment and to pay £200 in costs and charges.