A mum is baffled after receiving 25 letters through her door in two days warning her about a cough medicine she does not use.

Sharon Goodwins, 51, of Aragon Road, St Helier Estate, was annoyed after 15 identical letters were posted through her door warning about contaminated medicine on Wednesday, January 29.

The letters, in Tesco envelopes, were a warning from the drugs company Novartis who have recalled thousands of bottles of Tixylix cough and cold medicines over fears plastic had got into the medicines.

Sutton Guardian:

Mrs Goodwins rang the drugs company to complain but received another 10 letters the following day.

She said:  “I called Novartis in Camberley and I said ‘Why did you send them?’.

“We don’t even have Tixylix. I asked them to put a stop to it. All I know is when I spoke to this woman she said lots of people have had them today.

“Why would they send 15 letters out about Tixylix? They said they can’t put a stop to it – but who has sent them?”

A spokesperson for the drug company Novartis, which makes Tixylix, said: “In December 2013 Novartis was alerted to a manufacturing fault with the tamper seal on some Tixylix liquid medicines manufactured after October 2012, which might result in small pieces of plastic being found in the medicine.

“A recall was initiated on December 13, 2013, in the UK and Novartis has immediately broadly informed consumers via the media and the Tixylix website, as well as retail partners. This fault has now been fully resolved.  Please be reassured that to date we have not found any plastic in any of the inspected products.

“We are working closely with Tesco to identify a reason why Tesco mailed our press release to its customers, 6 weeks after the recall.”