A mum was so frustrated after repeatedly getting trapped inside and outside her house for two years due to a faulty door she called the fire brigade.

Mum-of-two Zaina Haji Awes, of Rookley Close, Sutton, is sick of her dodgy front door which caused her to miss a job interview on Friday and even call the London Fire Brigade on Sunday to get her and her two children out.

Sutton Guardian:

Miss Haji Awes stands outside her dodgy door

The family often have to climb out of the ground floor window when they get trapped inside.

Miss Haji Awes said it was causing her stress and anxiety and was bad for her daughter who suffers from severe sickle cell anaemia.

She said Sutton Housing Partnership, who are responsible for the property, have not listened to her requests to replace the door - after numerous attempts to fix it failed.

She said: "Several times I have been stuck outside in the cold. It’s been going on for two years.

"I’m getting really worried - I’m so used to getting stuck outside and my child has a severe medical condition.

"We got stuck on Friday and I missed my job interview at 2pm in Banstead. I called them and they said somebody would be with us in three hours.
"From 8am in the morning I was stuck inside until 2.30pm when I had to jump out of the window.

"I jumped through the window leaving my kids behind age 10 and 11 and rushed to the council and expressed myself emotionally.

"I told them it doesn’t need fixing, it needs to be replaced as it happens again and again.

"I've complained so many times. It’s scary in case there is fire."

Sutton Housing Partnership came to fix the door but the same thing happened on Sunday meaning she called out the firefighters.

A SHP spokesperson said: "Following an emergency call out to the property our contractor has carried out a temporary repair to the front door.

"Due to the extensive nature of the repairs identified, it was necessary for our surveyor to visit the property to ensure the correct works were specified and the existing door was secure and safe for the resident. 

"An order has now been placed to carry out the works required."