Moped riding robbers responsible for a string of attacks on youths are being hunted by police.

Two-scooter riding men are suspected of carrying out at least 10 robberies in which they have taken mobile phones, a bike, silver chains, a wallet and more from their victims in Sutton, Wallington and Carshalton in the last month.

The attacks started on January 10 with the most recent taking place on February 6.

The robberies have taken place in Vellum Drive, Arlington Drive Green Wrythe Lane, Fellowes Road and Arcadia Close in Carshalton, Demsene Road and Butter Hill in Wallington and Rosebery Gardens and Erskine Road in Sutton.

Both men are aged between 17 and 19 and wear crash helmets. The rider is black, about 5ft 10ins to 6ft, stocky and wears a black helmet.

The passenger is about 5ft 6ins to 5ft 9ins and has a slimmer build and paler skin than the rider. He wears a silver or white helmet.

The duo's moped is black. Police think they are from Carshalton or Wallington because of their knowledge of the local side-roads.

If you know who the two robbers are, you can call police on 101 or the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.