This is the terrifying moment a daredevil put his life at risk to dangle himself from a 50m crane.

Footage, published on YouTube on February 16, reveals three men, who appear to be in their teens, climbing up the giant crane in Shotfield, Wallington.

Sutton Guardian:

The youngster starts by holding on with both hands

Sutton Guardian:

He slowly lets go and clings on with just one hand 

Their death-defying ascent is captured on a GoPro camera and appears to have been done without any safety equipment.

The three teens appear to take it in turns to hang off the towering crane.

Sutton Guardian:

The crane towers above neighbouring buildings 

A police spokesman said the video was a copycat of a Channel 4 documentary, aired last month, called Don’t Look Down telling the story of urban free climbers who illegally climb cranes and buildings without safety equipment and then hang from them.

He said: "We are getting hold of a still from that video. We will work to identify them individually and work with local police teams to do that.

"We also want to have a closer look at the video to see if any offences have been committed. We would also be looking at whether their actions constitute anti-social behaviour.

"We will be working with site security, around the crane, to increase patrols and would appeal to members of the public to come forward and tell us who the individuals are.

"What they have done is tremendously dangerous and they are putting their lives at risk. We will be doing our duty to the public to protect their safety.

Sutton Guardian:

Sutton Guardian:

The youngsters filmed themselves at the top of the crane 

"This was such an incredibly dangerous and stupid thing to do that it's almost beyond belief. They could easily have lost their lives."

He said the teens would be dealt with 'robustly' and police would be talking to the Health and Safety Executive and the site's management about tightening security to prevent any further activities. 

If you recognise the teens or have any information contact Sutton Police on 101.

Sutton Guardian:

After hanging on with just one hand the teen is then seen scrambling back up to his companions

Sutton Guardian:

The youngsters bump fists in celebration of their stunt

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