A top doctor has urged women to be wary of the warning signs during ovarian cancer month.

Dr Bini Ajay, consultant gynaecologist at St Anthony's Hospital in North Cheam wants to make sure they are aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer as survival rates for those who spot the illness in its early stages are significantly increased.

Dr Ajay said the way to remember the symptoms is through the acronym BEAT - B - bloating that is persistent, E - eating less and feeling fuller, A - abdominal pain, T - trouble with your bladders and bowels.

She added: "It’s important that women recognise the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer as this will lead to earlier diagnosis and improved survival rates.

"Never make the assumption that any changes are due to age or diet. The outcome can be very positive if caught early."

Ovarian cancer awareness month is March. For more information, visit www.ovarian.org.uk