Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake has given his support to a Sutton Council green initiative by adopting a tree.

Mr Brake signed up to the authority's tree fostering scheme and is now responsible for a newly planted hornbeam.

The scheme sees residents buy a tree and pay for its planting, as well as being personally in charge of the tree's upkeep.

By doing so, residents are saving the council an estimated £135 per tree.

Mr Brake said: “While not everybody can actively participate in tree planting, the scheme gives everyone who cares about our landscape and environment a chance to get involved.

“I would encourage everyone to be a positive force on our borough and help leave a green legacy by adopting a tree.”

Each tree costs around £60 to buy and a further £25 to £30 to plant.

Residents are responsible for watering their tree in the dry months and can loosen tree ties and trim broken twigs.

Duties also include keeping an eye on the tree’s health and informing Sutton Council if the tree needs attention.

For more information call Maggie White on 0208 770 5070 or email