Half-a-million tea cups-worth of green energy was created in Sutton last year from recycled cooking oil, a recycling firm has said.

Living Fuels congratulated the borough on recycling 1,600 litres of cooking oil last year, with 1,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions saved as a result - enough to make 500,000 cups of tea.

Rob Murphy, operation director of Living Fuels’ parent REG Bio-Power, said: “Although the UK is still struggling with its carbon reduction commitments, it’s always nice to reflect on the positive aspects of renewable energy over the past 12 months, especially as the London Borough of Sutton has made a beneficial impact.”

Residents can drop off solid and liquid cooking oil in plastic containers at Kimpton Park Way Reuse and Recycling Centre, to await conversion into a greener bioliquid used to generate carbon neutral fuel for homes and businesses.

Sutton Council hopes to make the borough carbon neutral by 2025.