A boxing coach has gone from training youngsters in a tin garage to winning a top tournament overseas.

Keith Hawkins and his wife Angie opened a boxing gym in a garage at the small holdings in Wallington in 2010 with the aim of helping young people stay off the streets and learn discipline.

The club was known as Hawks Gym but since then it has gone from strength to strength.
Four years on, it has moved home to Bishopsford Road and is now called Smallholdings Amateur Boxing Club and Mr Hawkins has just celebrated a team from the gym winning a title at a tournament in Ireland

A team of 14 youngsters went to compete in an annual contest at Cashen Vale and came away with a win.

Club spokesperson Katie Hill said: "Keith is a real inspiration to all members of his successful family run club, voluntarily being there five nights a week and travelling with the boys and girls to compete most weekends along with his committed trainers.

"He really should be recognised for his hard work and dedication that has earned him a lot of respect within and outside of the club."