A disabled grandfather has accused the council of being ‘bloody-minded’ after issuing him with a parking ticket as he went to pick up his prescription.

Brian Mutten, 77, a retired London Ambulance Service technician, parked outside the Lotus Chemist, in Wrythe Lane, two weeks ago while he popped into Wrythe Green Surgery to pick up his prescription and then on to the pharmacy.

Sutton Guardian:

His wife was driving and they decided to park in the marked bays - that are not metered - outside the chemist, which they had done on many occasions in the past, because the surgery’s car park is temporarily closed for repairs.

The council has said tickets are being issued when people do not park within the lines of the bays - but motorists say they are not clearly marked.

However, Mr Mutten, who has a heart condition and problems walking, received a parking fine after a CCTV camera snapped them in one of the bays.

Sutton Guardian:

The grandfather-of-seven said: "It’s a nightmare. You can’t even see the white lines. I was in a bay, in the white lines. People can’t get into the car park for the surgery.

"Basically I’m just annoyed so many people are getting tickets that can’t afford it. I have been parking in a wheelchair there for six-and-a-half years.

"I just feel the council are being stupid over it. The thing about it is the council is being bloody minded about it.

"I just feel the council are out of order - they should be helping people under these circumstances."

Mr Mutten’s wife had to go to Nigeria for a few weeks so he begrudgingly paid the £55 parking fine instead of trying to fight it.

Beddington councillor, John Keys, described the situation as ‘dreadful’ and said: "There’s no meter or anything to pay - people have been parking there for years.

"It is dreadful down there. People deserve to know especially when the surgery hasn’t got a car park as it’s closed for essential repairs."

Sutton Council have not responded to a request for comment..