A project to restore the plaques on more than 30 of the borough's historic buildings is underway.

There are 60 buildings and sites adorned with plaques to mark their historic relevance around Sutton. But a recent audit found 34 of them are in need of restoration.

Sutton Council has commissioned a project to restore those in need of it and aims to complete the task by the end of May.

Among those that have already been restored is one at the Grove in Carshalton that explains the house was built in 1828 and was the home of the Rector of Carshalton, Sir Samuel Barrow, for many years.

Councillor Jill Whitehead said: "Sutton has a rich history and it’s important that we preserve it.

"The plaques are tributes and reminders of Sutton’s past and I look forward to seeing them returned to their former glory."