Two men broke into a “brothel” robbed and stripped the owner and her male companion before leaving with his trousers and making a getaway in his car, a court heard.

The victim, who runs an escort agency in Wallington, was in her flat with two friends, Rishi Navjee, and a female friend, at 8pm on October 25, 2013, when she opened the front door thinking it was another friend.

Two men, Cameron Wylie, 28, of Rectory Lane, Wallington, and Russell Stowell, 34, of Guy Road, Wallington, entered the flat demanding money, Croydon Crown Court heard today.

Prosecutor Shekinah Anson said: “Two men barged into the flat past the victim into the lounge. One carrying a beer and the other a bottle of whiskey.

“One man started shouting ‘where’s the money’ while searching the flat. The victim tried to run out of the flat but she was pulled back by her hair. She was pulled back by one who was more aggressive, the crown say this was Mr Wylie.

“They continued to search the flat. The victim was grabbed by the throat and a man shouted that she should take her clothes off. Mr Stowell grabbed her top and pulled it down and grabbed her breasts and tried to kiss them.”

While this was going on, the court heard Mr Wylie searched Mr Navjee, told him to strip, took his car keys and asked him where his wallet was.

The men then took the mobile phones on the table and Mr Navjee’s wallet and trousers.

The court was shown CCTV images taken from the entrance of the flat which the prosecutor argued shows Mr Wylie and Mr Stowell, who wore the man’s trousers over his shoulder, leaving.

After the men left the police were called.

The men were caught on CCTV, at about 3.30am, filling up Mr Navjee’s car at the BP petrol station in Shirley. The car’s number plate was given to police and it triggered a camera in Brixton Hill. Officers went to search for the car and found it parked up with Cameron Wylie sitting in the driver’s seat.

In court he was described as smelling of alcohol, having glazed eyes and being unsteady on his feet.

He was arrested and police officers searching the car found the stolen mobile phones and a wallet containing cards with Mr Navjee’s name on it.

On interview Mr Wylie denied going to the address, robbing anyone and touching anyone’s breasts. He said on the evening in question a friend had to take the car to Brixton and asked if he wanted to follow him. He stated he did not know whose car it was but had an idea it was something ‘dodgy’. He told police officers he did not want to steal as he earns £200 a day, the court heard.

Stowell was arrested on October 27 in Sutton and Miss Anson added: “He admitted being at the address and stated it was a brothel and they had gone there for sex.

“He stated Cameron had paid his money but at some point, he was in another room, when they were asked to leave out of the blue, I think.

“Cameron was asking for money back and they wouldn’t give it to them – that’s what started Cameron shouting that he wanted his money back.

“[Mr Stowell] stated it was the complainant who was the one doing the pushing saying ‘get out, get out’.

“Mr Stowell said he got into the car but didn’t know it was stolen. In essence he said the witnesses were lying through their teeth. That they, in effect, did not have any clothes on when they arrived – apart from underwear – and he said that he didn’t know how the male had got his trousers stolen. He didn’t know he had the trousers across his shoulders.

“But he was 100 per cent sure he didn’t rob anyone, didn’t burgle anyone and didn’t sexually assault anyone. He went there for sex and was going to pay £60.”

During the identity parade the victim identified Mr Wylie as the one who grabbed her throat, asked where the money was, punched Mr Navjee and took his trousers. She then identified Mr Stowell as the person who assaulted her.

When asked about the identity parade Mr Stowell claimed she had identified him because he had been at the address a week and a half ago when he had gone there for sex.

Mr Wylie and Mr Stowell  deny three counts of robbery. Mr Stowell also denies one count of sexual assault.

The victim is expected to give evidence tomorrow behind a screen.