More than 30,000 Sutton people living in flats will be given a new way of recycling waste.

Sutton Council will distribute new reusable recycling bags to 34,000 flats after receiving a £100,000 grant from the London Waste and Recycling Board.

People will be able to fill the bags with recycling, leave them out for collection and they will be emptied and left for people to retrieve.

The council will also provide better instructions as to what people can recycle and what they cannot.

Councillor Jill Whitehead said: "We have 34,000 flats in Sutton that we estimate could produce an extra 21kg of recyclable materials per year.

"If we can make recycling easier for our residents we could potentially divert around 700 tonnes of recyclable material away from landfill.

"This would bring both environmental and financial benefits."

Research has shown that recycling rates increase in areas where the reusable bags are used.

Sutton-based environmental charity BioRegional has backed the move.