It may not surprise you to learn that Britain's 10 most congested roads are all in the capital - but can you guess which three go through south-west London?

The UK is ranked the sixth worst in Europe for traffic congestion with the average driver wasting around 30 hours a year in gridlock, according to a major annual report.

The annual INRIX traffic scorecard shows congestion is on the increase across Europe for the first time in two years, with major metropolitan areas across Europe showing a rise in traffic.

Traffic congestion was up in nine of the 18 UK cities analysed in the report.

The biggest increase was in London, up by 13 per cent, resulting in the average driver suffering through 82 hours in traffic - 10 more hours than 2012.

Londoners now face the second worst congestion in Europe, wasting approximately 82 hours in 2013, up 10 hours from 2012.

For the first time, the scorecard identifies the worst roads for traffic in the UK, all of which were in London corridoors, with a 14-mile stretch of the A4 near London named UK’s worst road - costing drivers approximately 91 hours last year.

TOP TEN UK ROADS FOR TRAFFIC (data provided by Inrix):

1. A4 (London; between central London and the M4) 

Distance = 14.2 miles. Delays per year = 91 hours

2. A4 (London; between the M4 and central London)

Distance = 14.7 miles. Delays per year = 73 hours

3. A215 (London; between Camberwell and the Croydon turn off)

Distance = 9.6 miles. Delays per year = 67 hours

4. A217 (London; between St Helier and Chelsea)

Distance = 10.4 miles. Delays per year = 67 hours

5. A1 (London; between Finchley and Barbican)

Distance = 8.3 miles. Delays per year = 66 hours.

6. A23 (London; between Croydon and Westminster Bridge Road)

Distance = 8.6 miles. Delays per year = 63 hours.

7. A205 (London; between Catford and Woolwich Ferry)

Distance = 6.9 miles. Delays per year = 60 hours.

8. A41 (London; between central London and the M1)

Distance = 7.5 miles. Delays per year = 52 hours.

9. A12 (London; between Stratford and the M25)

Distance = 13.6 miles. Delays per year = 50 hours.

10. A406 (London; between Chiswick Roundabout and Neasden Junction)

Distance = 5.9 miles. Delays per year = 48 hours.

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